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1Back Cellulose Papers 1 1/450 transparent papers standard size. Looks like foil but is 100 Prozent cellulose NOT plastic. Those transparent papers burn evenly and convince with their neutral taste. 1Back Papers are availaible in standard size and king size.1Back Cellulose Papers100 Prozent CelluloseLength ca. 8cm50 Papers / 1 Bookletburns evenlyneutral taste

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Juicy Jays - Fudge PapersJuicy Jays Rolling Papers Fudge. Juicy Jays Rolling Papers are created with the exclusive triple-dipped flavor for a longer lasting freshness and sweet flavor.In addition all Juicy Jays Rolling Papers are imprinted with the according motif.Juicy Jay Papers Fudge 1 Booklet with 32 rolling papers Every single rolling paper is imprinted and scented length ca. 1 1/4

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Rips flavored Papers - 1x GrapeThese new skins on the roll by Rips impress with their persuasive scent in the usual Rips quality. Each roll contains about 4 m.The fruit motif is printed on the entire roll of the paper.Each roll is packed individually so the flavor is preserved for a long time.